DENER Hydraulisk kantpresser

DENER PUMA XL CNC Press Brakes are born with the goal to be fl exible, reliable, and advanced bending machines; Dener utilizes the most stringent manufacturing technologies during production to manufacture the highest quality machines. Based on proven design, Dener has increased working speeds, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities of Puma XL machines. DENER PUMA XL is a synchronized hydraulic press brake with a 3D Grahical CNC controller and offers simple operation, quick and easy 3D or numerical part programming easy setup of the machine, and auto calculation of the bend sequence. 3D and DXF programming feature with ESA S 660 W Controller gives the possibility to end users These functions make Dener PUMA XL CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes very popular in sheet metal industries.

The DENER SMART XL CNC is an economical, strong, fast and accurate new model. The SMART XL Press brake targets small and medium size sheet metal working companies. The most important features of DENER SMART XL are;

  • Faster working speeds
  • Greater bending power
  • Deeper throat depth
  • Bigger stroke and day light

The DENER SMART XL is a synchronized hydraulic press brake with numerical CNC controllers. It offers simple operation, quick and easy part programming, easy setup of the machine, auto calculation of the bend angle, and back gauge correction. The 2D off line programming feature of the ESA 630 control gives possibility to complete bending programs on the O ce PC and transfer them to the machine by LAN or USB. This feature is popular for end users not interested in more expensive off line CAD/CAM bend softwares. The SMART XL has more advanced features than its competitors. Some of these features are: a strong and complete mono block welded frame, longer stroke and longer distance between frames, deeper throat depth, and a higher working table.

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