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Our cookies are used for the following:

  • Facebook – A Facebook pixel that enables us to do statistics on the traffic on our site and potentially customize our online advertising based on these statistics.
  • SHV – An access cookie that have to be accepted to use the site.


Our GDPR disclaimer

We collect data through our contact forms, partners, e-mail and phone.

We collect the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Address

We collect costumer data to keep track of machine requests.

All data are kept on a secure encryptet computer with anti-virus software and firewall protection and only S. H. Værktøjsmaskiner employees have access to it.
Data is deleted on request or after 5 years from first registration. Data can be transfered on request.
We only store data from individuals that have given their explicit consent. Consent also applies for individuals that have given consent to our partners.
We only store data of individuals older than 18 years.
We do not store any person sensitive data.
Only authorised personel of S. H. Værktøjsmaskiner ApS have access to the data.

Name of the Data protection Operator (DPO):


Personal Information


Personal information is any kind of information that can be attributed to you in some way or another. When you use our website we collect and process an array of such information. This happens with normal access to content on the site, if you subscribe to our newsletter, participate in competetions or questionnaires, other use of services or by filling out our contact form.

Typically we collect and process the following types of data: A unique ID, technical specifications about your PC, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-number, geographical location and which pages you visit on our site. In case of explicit consent and the individual themself inputting the information the following information is processed: Name, phone number, e-mail, address, and payment information. This will typically be in relation to the creation of a login or in case of a purchase.



Technical and organisational measures have been implemented to ensure that your information does not accidentally or illegally get deleted, lost, degraded, comes to the knowledge of unautherized individuals, are missused or processed unlawfully.



The gathered information is used to identify you as a user and deliver the services you have requested, fx. to send you our newsletter. In addition we use the data to optimize our services and content.


Period of storage

Information will not be kept longer than the period that is permitted by law and will be deleted when they are no longer required. The duration of storage depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storing it. As such it is not possible to give an estimate of when certain information will be deleted. (se vores Integritetspolitik for GDPR)


Sharing of information

We do not share any information with third parties without agreement with our cookie policy. Data about your use of our site, which adds you recieve and maybe click on, your approximate geographical position, sex and age group etc. are shared with third parties (Facebook and Google) to the extent these are known. The information is used for customization of adds. For further information, refer to the section about Cookies above.

Furthermore we use some third party services for storing and processing of data. These only process the data given to them on our request and are not allowed to use the data for their own purposes.

Disclosure of personal information, such as name and e-mail, to third party services will only happen with your explicit permission. We only use EU based services for data storage and processing, or services that comply with EU regulations regarding security and handling of personal information.


Insights and complaints

You have the right to get insight into the personal information we process about you and can at any time object to our use of them. You can also recall your consent to storing and processing your data at any time and if the information about you is wrong you have the right to have them corrected or deleted. Inquiries about insight and deletion can be sent to

You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency if you want to make a complaint about our use of your personal information.



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