SHV SP1000

SP1000 is a planet type automatic deburring and edge rounding machine which is mainly applied in fabrication industry for fl at plate and milling parts. Equipped with six abrasive barrels on the head, each spins itself while the whole head rotates in the meantime. It can do deburring on all edges and deeply in holes on plate by the effects of abrasive media in high speed centrifugal grinding, scraping, cutting and fi ling. Burrs on interior and exterior contours can be all removed, but theprecise dimensions on plate will be kept. This machine is equipped with unique soft abrasive fillaments by our design to against the features of the bur. Therefore, this is a machine that affects no damage on the surface of parts and performs excellent on the non-fl at plates as well.

1. Max. working width: 1000 mm
2. Working thickness: 0.5-100 mm
3. Min. working size: 50 x 50 mm
4. Feed speed: 0.5-3m/min variable speed
5. Speed of whole head rotation: 0-9.6r/min variable speed
6. Speed of brush spindle: 0-1575r/min variable speed
7. Number of abrasive cylinders: 6
8. Size of abrasive cylinder: Φ 300 x 290 mm
9. Dust extraction: 4000 m3/h
10. Total power: 12 KW
11. Weight: 2800 Kg
12. Machine size: 2200 x 2100 x 2000 mm